Donate Securities.

Making a charitable gift of appreciated securities, which may allow you to avoid capital gains tax, is a particularly effective way to help the College provide a life-changing educational experience to Mills students. Mills is deeply grateful to you for providing the gift of education through your transfer of securities.

There are two ways to make a transfer of securities: electronic transfer and transfer of certificate. In either case, you may wish to keep in your records Mills College's federal tax ID number: 94-1156566.

Instructions for an electronic transfer

Step 1: Instruct your stockbroker to electronically transfer your gift of stock to our account at First Republic Bank:

Bank of New York, DTC #0901
First Republic Trust #:117557
F/F/C Mills College A/C #1040008695
Attn: Tina Barton
Phone: 212.259.3644
Fax: 212.259.5088

Step 2: Please make sure to notify the Mills College Office of Institutional Advancement, in writing, the following information:

  • Number of shares
  • Name of company
  • Your broker's name and phone number
  • Purpose of your gift

Please send your notification to:

Office of Institutional Advancement
Mills College
Attn: Advancement Services
5000 MacArthur Boulevard
Oakland CA 94613 
or via fax 510.430.2083 
or via email

Instructions for transferring a stock certificate

Step 1: Mail the certificate directly to the Mills College Office of Institutional Advancement at the above address.  To keep the stock secure, do not sign the back of the certificate.

Step 2: Mail in a separate envelope a signed stock power.

Step 3: Notify our office in writing of the purpose of your gift.

Please see above for how to send us notification.

We recommend you do not change the name on the front of the certificate. Taking the time to have the name changed by the transfer agent delays your gift by over a month. This gives you less control over the price of the shares of your gift and the timing of your gift.

If you have any questions, please call 510.430.2097.