Transfer Cash by Wire.

Mills can accept wire transfer of cash from your bank—but only on a one-time basis. We are not able to accept automatic monthly transfers. To make automatic monthly payments using your credit card, please go to the online giving page. If you choose to give online we will keep all of your personal and financial information secure and confidential. (Read our privacy policy for details.)

To transmit a cash gift to Mills College, please follow these two easy steps:

Step 1: Instruct your bank to wire cash to Mills College in care of:

First Republic Bank
ABA#: 321081669
Account #: 99200010056
Account Name: Trust Company
FCC: 1040008695 Mills College
Foreign transfers use SWIFT number FRBBUS6S
Attn: Tina Barton, Vice President
Phone: 212.259.3644
Fax: 212.259.5088

Step 2: Please make sure to notify the Mills College Office of Institutional Advancement, in writing, of the following information:

  • amount and purpose of your gift
  • name of your bank
  • approximate date when you expect the transfer to take place

Please send your notification to:

Office of Institutional Advancement
Attn: Advancement Services
Mills College
5000 Mac Arthur Boulevard
Oakland CA 94613
Or via fax to 510.430.2083
Or by email to