Myra Strober, Labor Economist and Professor Emerita Stanford University
Myra Strober Myra Strober is a labor economist and professor emerita at the School of Education at Stanford University. She is also professor emerita at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University (by courtesy). Strober's research and consulting focus on gender issues at the workplace, work and family, and multidisciplinarity in higher education. She is the author of numerous articles on occupational segregation, women in the professions and management, the economics of child care, feminist economics, and the teaching of economics. Strober's recent book is Interdisciplinary Conversations: Challenging Habits of Thought (Stanford University Press, 2010). Past articles include “Habits of the Mind: Challenges for Multidisciplinary Engagement” in Social Epistemology and “Feminist Economics: Implications for Education” in Feminism Confronts Homo Economicus: Gender, Law, and Society, edited by Martha Fineman and Terence Dougherty (Cornell University Press, 2005).

Strober's teaching includes the economics of higher education, gender and higher education, and work and family.

Strober was the founding director of the Stanford Center for Research on Women (now the Clayman Institute for Gender Research). She was also the first chair of the National Council for Research on Women, a consortium which, at the time, included about 65 US centers for research on women. Strober was president of the International Association for Feminist Economics, and vice president of the NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund (now Legal Momentum). She is an associate editor of Feminist Economics and a member of the Board of Trustees of Mills College.

Strober holds a BS in industrial and labor relations from Cornell University, an MA in economics from Tufts University, and a PhD in economics from MIT.