Mills & Northeastern Merger

Mills College and Northeastern University are merging to create a bicoastal university powered by Northeastern’s global experiential learning and research and strengthened by Mills’ legacy in women's leadership, equity, and social justice.

Mills College seal on a blue field side by side with the Northeastern University seal on a field of red.

Vision & Values

Mills and Northeastern are combining to create a distinctive, bicoastal university that empowers students, faculty, staff, and society at large.

Mills president and students standing together on the steps of Mills Hall.

Student Opportunities

The goal of the merger is to provide new opportunities for current and future students. Building on the strengths of both institutions, Mills College will continue to offer a transformative education in the heart of Oakland, California, within the global network of Northeastern University.

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Facts About the Merger

Learn about the key facts guiding the merger between Mills and Northeastern.

The Mills provost and a faculty member have a discussion on an outdoor patio.

Transition Process

Mills and Northeastern have developed a collaborative process for bringing together our communities as we work through strategic and operational details involved in the transition leading up to our merger in July 2022.

Photograph of Mills College front gate

Mills Institute

In addition to undergraduate and graduate degree programs offered by Mills College at Northeastern University, we are designing a Mills Institute to support the curriculum and further the legacy and mission of Mills. Programming and community engagement will focus on women’s leadership, gender and racial justice, and student success.

Mills & Northeastern Collaborations

Dialogue of Civilizations
Mills students can experience the world through the Dialogue of Civilizations program. 

Mills students have been invited to attend one of the most popular global learning experiences offered by Northeastern—Dialogue of Civilizations. This multi-week summer program provides an opportunity for a small cohort of students led by faculty to enjoy a short-term international experience for credit. Financial assistance is available to help students participate. Learn more about the broad range of eclectic topics on the Dialogue of Civilizations web page. >>

CHRISTIE CHUNG, Associate Provost, Mills Psychology Professor
Person reaching out of bed to turn off the alarm clock.

Turn New Year’s Resolutions into Long-Term Solutions

By mid-January most of us have already abandoned our New Year’s resolutions. Mills Psychology Professor Christie Chung says three simple tricks could make the difference in sticking with it this year. Read the News at Northeastern story.

black and white photo of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. waving to the crowd gathered on the National Mall to hear him speak

Communities Join to Celebrate the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Mills and Northeastern communities came together to honor the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the virtual event A Tribute to the Dream: Voting Rights and the 'Threat to Justice Everywhere.' The event included a keynote address by Kristen Clarke, assistant attorney general for civil rights at the US Department of Justice, and a conversation between Northeastern Professors Régine Jean-Charles and Margaret Burnham. Watch the livestream recording.

bell hooks behind a windowpane

Mills Professors Speak to bell hooks’ Impact on Education

bell hooks, Black feminist icon and leading public intellectual, died in December leaving a legacy of thought leadership and more than 40 books on topics ranging from gender, race, and joy to women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, love, and capitalism. For academics and students, however, it may be her stance on education and the role it should play in creating spaces for social change that feels most poignant. Mills Professors Wendi Williams and Judith Bishop examine hooks’ ideas about education and where we continue to see her influence today. Read the News at Northeastern story.

People visit the 'In America: Remember' public art installation near the Washington Monument on the National Mall in Washington, DC. The installation commemorates all the Americans who have died due to COVID-19.

Pandemic Grief Isn't Just for People Who Lost A Loved One

The US reached a grim milestone in mid-December, surpassing 800,000 COVID-19 deaths, a staggering figure that reveals another—the number of people who have lost a loved one to the pandemic. Grief isn't isolated to those who've lost someone, says Mills Professor of Psychology Elizabeth Bachen. Collective loss can manifest in many ways, and the healing process can be complicated by public health restrictions that keep us isolated. With the holiday season upon us grief can be compounded, making compassion and self-care paramount. Read the News at Northeastern story.

Kevin Strickland, pictured in an interview room at Western Missouri Correctional Center in Cameron, Mo.

Exonerations Aren’t Enough—Mills Professor Makes the Case for Black Reparations

The recent string of high-profile exonerations of men of color has spotlighted the systemic failures that led to the wrongful convictions. Mills Professor Ashely Adams weighs in on why exonerations don't go far enough in providing closure or restitution. An expert on African American reparations, Professor Adams explores the impacts of such injustices—from the lives of the exonerated men and their families to our collective understanding of history. Read the News at Northeastern story.

instagram app icon on mobile phone screen

Will Instagram's Changes Make Social Media Safer for Our Youth?

Instagram is introducing a series of new safety measures designed to protect users from the negative impact of social media, but will they lessen the toxicity impacting our youth? Mills Associate Provost and Cognitive Psychologist, Christie Chung, notes that "the emotional echoes of negative online experiences can be felt long after a teen or younger user logs off." Read the News at Northeastern story.

Mariah Carey singing holiday song with chorus singers in background.

Find Yourself Humming Holiday Tunes? Music Professors Chime In.

Northeastern and Mills music professors weigh in on why we love (or hate) holiday music. Composer and Mills Professor Anne Hege explores the unique role this genre plays from a choral perspective. Few other types of music encourage group harmonizing with friends and family, or bridge the divide between those who normally listen or don’t listen to choral music. Read the News@Northeastern story.

Richard Serena Venus Williams on playground
Mills Dean Comments on the Challenges Facing Black Parents

With the release of the much-praised movie about the rise of tennis greats Venus and Serena Williams, Dean of the Mills College School of Education weighs in on the tale of parental striving the film showcases. Dean Williams (not related to the family) says "she hopes the film will generate more conversation around what Black parents in America face as they work to support their children in majority white spaces and pursuits, and against the legacies that have denied them equal participation." Read the News@Northeastern story.

Lanterns with tea lights on Mills campus
Introducing the Mills Legacy Scholarship Fund

Mills is pleased to announce the creation of an endowed Mills Legacy Scholarship Fund to help preserve the College’s legacy as an institution that champions the education of women and gender nonbinary students. This scholarship will empower undergraduate students to pursue their education at Mills College at Northeastern. Give a gift to the fund.

Young child sitting on floor with stuffed rabbit.
Treating Childhood Mental Illness May be Key to Health Later in Life, Says Mills Professor

Mills Psychology Professor Elizabeth Bachen discusses the recently declared national emergency of worsening child and adolescent mental health that is “inextricably tied to the stress brought on by COVID-19 and the ongoing struggle for racial justice.” Professor Bachen explains why early prevention and physical health are critical factors in preventing and treating mental illness. Read the News@Northeastern story.

Comic book artwork of Jon Kent (new Superman) and Jay Nakamura kissing.
Mills Professor Discusses Why It Is—And It Isn't—a Big Deal That Superman is Bisexual

Illustrator and Mills English Professor Ajuan Mance explores DC Comics' announcement that the new Superman is bisexual, including how comic books and graphic novels provide greater opportunities for positive LGBTQ+ representation and how changing fandom demographics are driving new characters and storylines. Read the News@Northeastern story.

Three students standing together in a classroom having a discussion.
Leading Social Change Program for Northeastern Students to Debut at Mills

Set to launch in the spring 2022 semester, the Leading Social Change Program has been designed by Mills faculty for a small cohort of Mills and Northeastern students who will live on the Mills campus. Students will take an interdisciplinary, project-based core course with Northeastern peers and choose other relevant Mills courses from across disciplines. Learn about the Leading Social Change Program.

A Mills senior stands on Holgren Meadow smiling and holding a Mills College pennant.
Mills Student Takes Over Northeastern's Instagram

As Northeastern students consider applying for the new Leading Social Change Program at Mills in spring 2022, senior Alexandra Moreno took over Northeastern's Instagram to share a day in the life of a Mills student. Moreno shared glimpses of favorite spots on campus and things to do off campus while fielding questions. View her Instagram Stories takeover (must be logged into Instagram).

News Updates

Headshot of Mills College President Elizabeth L. Hillman
A Message from Mills President
Elizabeth L. Hillman
Oakland, CA—9.14.21

The Mills College Board of Trustees approved the merger of Mills College with Northeastern University, ensuring that the educational mission of Mills and its commitment to social justice, gender equity, and cultivating women’s leadership will live on. Read the full message.

Headshot of Chair of the Board of Trustees Katie Sandborn '83
A Message from Chair of the Board of Trustees
Katie Sanborn '83
Oakland, CA—9.20.21

As Mills College at Northeastern University, we will be able to sustain Mills’ mission, preserve its legacy, more robustly serve our own people—students, faculty, staff, and alumnae—as well as remain a good neighbor and critical anchor in our local community and the East Bay. Read the full message.