Vision & Values

Mills and Northeastern are creating something truly unique in higher education—a comprehensive, bicoastal university that leverages the complementary strengths of both institutions for the benefit of students and society.

This merger will enable Mills to continue doing what it has done since its founding in 1852—offer exceptional educational opportunities to students who want to make a difference.Mills President Elizabeth L. Hillman
By joining together, Mills and Northeastern can reach new heights and have broader impacts on our world. This is our collective mission, our calling, our guiding star.Northeastern President Joseph E. Aoun

Our Shared Commitments

We’ll educate and empower students to make an impact.

Mills College at Northeastern University will welcome all genders, and our students will have access to Northeastern’s experiential, lifelong learning and student opportunities—preparing students for meaningful lives and careers.

We’ll sustain and advance the Mills legacy.

To further Mills’ historic focus on women's leadership, equity, and social justice, Mills and Northeastern will jointly launch the Mills Institute on the Mills campus. The Institute will be dedicated to advancing women’s leadership and empowering BIPOC and first-generation students.

We’ll maintain strong community connections.

Mills College at Northeastern will continue to foster mutually beneficial relationships with communities and institutions around the Mills campus, including the City of Oakland.

We’ll provide a global network of opportunities.

Mills will be Northeastern’s West Coast hub for research and undergraduate and postgraduate studies—joining the university’s East Coast and European hubs in Boston and London, respectively. In the coming years, thousands of students and faculty will learn, teach, live, and make breakthrough discoveries on the Mills campus and pursue opportunities throughout Northeastern’s global system, which includes 13 locations worldwide.

We’ll welcome alumnae/i, faculty, and staff from both institutions.

All alumnae of Mills will join Northeastern’s global network of graduates and be eligible for the benefits and opportunities available to members of the Northeastern family. Alumnae will also continue to have access to Reinhardt Alumnae House on the Mills campus. Mills faculty and staff will join Northeastern’s diverse community of educators, researchers, and administrators.

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