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Occupying Wall Street and Social Change: a Look at its Potential and Pitfalls

Oakland, CA–October 19, 2011 With Occupy Wall Street demonstrations and calls for economic and political reform spreading from college campuses to cities around the globe, what would it take for the Occupy Wall Street movement to successfully achieve social and policy change?

What kind of activities can help achieve social change, and what kind of actions might actually cause efforts to backfire? Join Public Policy Professor Carol Chetkovich and the Mills College community in an open forum that explores the movement’s potential and pitfalls. Facilitated by Chetkovich, the director of the Mills Public Policy Program and an authority on grassroots organizations making social change, the discussion will explore these questions and more.

Occupy Wall Street Community Discussion:
Thursday, October 20
12:15 pm–1:00 pm
Reinhardt A Wing 2001


Last Updated: 10/19/11