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Mills College Teach-in to Tackle Issues of Justice
and Wealth Distribution

Oakland, CA–November 04, 2011 College campuses are reviving a tactic from the turbulent 1960s and 70s to spark debate about today's social and economic issues. It’s a participatory way to connect classroom activities to what is going on in the streets.

A scene reminiscent of those times will unfold Monday when Mills College visiting philosophy Professor Martin Benjamin leads a teach-in about theories of economic justice and how they apply to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Benjamin, a veteran of teach-ins and protests during the Vietnam War era and an expert in social and moral philosophy, will focus on the "justice as fairness" theory of influential philosopher John Rawls. Rawls' landmark 1971 book A Theory of Justice has been hailed as "the most important work in moral philosophy since the end of World War II.”

With the Occupy movement shining a spotlight on income inequality in the US, Benjamin will discuss one of Rawls’ most prominent theories and its implications for a just distribution of income and wealth. 

Mills College Teach-in
4:00 pm
Lucie Stern 101

Last Updated: 11/4/11