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Mills College Receives Grant to Further Lesson Study Research

Oakland, CA–August 9, 2012 Mills College is proud to announce that it has received a grant from the Toyota USA Foundation to support research into the practice of Lesson Study, a form of professional learning in which teachers collaborate in small teams to plan, observe, and discuss actual classroom lessons. This process of teacher improvement originated in Japan and is widely practiced in the country. Since 1999, Mills has been a leader in the introduction of lesson study to the United States, in its adaptation for schools, and in research on its impact.

The foundation awarded Mills a two-year grant of $250,000 to support School of Education researcher Catherine Lewis’s Lesson Study project. Lewis is top authority on Lesson Study in the US.

The grant provides funding for a team of educators from Mills and Oakland to travel to Japan to become fully immersed in the ways in which math and science are taught to elementary school children in that country. The team will bring those methodologies back to Mills and to local educators. In turn, they can take the information to their schools to boost learning outcomes of elementary students.

Research has shown that Lesson Study leads to improved teacher instruction and student learning.


Last Updated: 8/9/12