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$6.2 Million Grant Funding Maintains School of Education Program Supporting College-Bound Students

Oakland, CA–June 22, 2012 The Mills College School of Education is pleased to announce that they have been awarded three Upward Bound grants from the US Department of Education. Upward Bound is a federally funded college preparatory program that offers assistance to low-income and first-generation college-bound students.

The Mills College Upward Bound (MCUB) program has served the city of Oakland, California, for the past 45 years. The ultimate goal of the program is to equip students with the skills and motivation necessary for college graduation.

MCUB has encouraged and supported thousands of low-income, first-generation youth to build the requisite academic skills, develop focused higher education and career goals, enter and complete postsecondary education, and acquire leadership skills that have allowed them to make positive contributions to their families and communities.

“Mills College has a 45-year history of serving the community through Upward Bound programs,” said Kathy Schultz, dean of the School of Education at Mills College. “At a time when funding has been cut for educational programs, these grants will provide critical opportunities and access to higher education for low-income youth in Oakland and Richmond and allow an expansion to more schools in Oakland and Contra Costa County. ”

The first of the three grants extends current funding that will allow Mills to continue to serve approximately 178 students at five of the largest high schools in the Oakland Unified School District: Castlemont, Fremont, Oakland High School, Oakland Tech, and Skyline. This grant is funded for five years beginning June 1, 2012, through May 31, 2017. The first-year funding level is $746, 230. It is the second highest funded Upward Bound grant in the country.

In addition, Mills has received funding for two new grants. One will serve 60 students from several smaller high schools in Oakland including LPS College Park, Coliseum College Prep, Life Academy, and McClymonds. The second new grant will serve 60 students in West Contra Costa County, a location that does not currently have Upward Bound programs. The schools in this area include De Anza, Kenny, and Richmond. These grants are both funded for five years from September 1, 2012, through August 31, 2017, at a first-year funding level of $250,000.

With these three grants, Mills College Upward Bound programs have received the highest total award in the country with a total of approximately $6.2 million over the next five years.


Last Updated: 6/25/12