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Provost Sandra Greer Featured on Huffington Post  Discussing Compelling Benefits of a Liberal Arts Education

Oakland, CA–January 18, 2013 Mills College Provost Sandra Greer was featured on the Huffington Post offering compelling insight into the broad value of a liberal arts education.

In her story, “Education for Humility,” Greer elucidated the many reasons a liberal arts education is the perfect preparation for applied fields such as law, medicine, and business. She elaborated that a “crucial result” of a liberal education is a person’s realization of what he or she does not know—an awareness that leads to a mindset of humility and an openness to learn.

With the provocative idea that, “The more we know, the more we must confront how much we do not know, and the more we are humbled by the ignorance of all of us together and of each of us individually,” Greer illustrated how the resulting humility is a desirable step toward understanding humanity.


Last Updated: 1/18/13