Building Bridge to College, Mills Hosts Oakland Youth for Day of Fun, Sports

Oakland, CA–October 14, 2016

Forging ties with the East Oakland community and nurturing enthusiasm for higher education, Mills College hosted over 180 elementary school students Thursday, October 14 for a day of sports and fun on campus.

Elementary and middle school students from three neighborhood schools attended the day of fun designed to cultivate a college-going attitude among young people and to build leadership skills among Mills students.Cyclone Olympics

Volunteering at the Mills Cyclone Olympics and the Mills Community Tennis Program were Mills student athletes, urban education students, and sociology students.

The Cyclone Olympics included sports competitions, medal ceremonies, and dinner. On the same day, students from Roses in Concrete Community School attended the Mills Community Tennis Program, an ongoing weekly event in which third through fifth grade students receive free tennis lessons from members of the Mills tennis team and coach.

Mills neighborhood resident Vincent Owens, who co-founded the tennis program with Mills in 2002, said the idea is to get kids to feel what it’s like to be among college students and to get them thinking about one day attending college.

“A lot of these kids in thisneighborhood have never been on a college campus,” Owens said.Cyclone Olympics

Mills Athletic Director Themy Adachi said the Cyclone Olympics, held nearby on the college soccer field, was also a great lesson for Mills students that showed them they can make a difference in the world around them.

“This teaches our students that to be a leader, you have to engage in the world and understand the life experiences of others,” Adachi said.