Two Books on Advanced Algebra by Mills Math Professor Steven Givant Just Released

Oakland, CA—October 27, 2017

Steven Givant, professor of mathematics and computer science at Mills College, has seen two books he authored on advanced algebra published by Springer International Publishing, and a third is due for release shortly. Givant has been teaching at Mills since 1975 and specializes in logic and the foundations of mathematics, model theory, general algebra, and the theory of relations. The recently issued books, Introduction to Relation Algebras and Advanced Topics in Relation Algebras, chart relation algebras from novice to expert level. The pair of volumes take readers new to the topic, from a comprehensive grounding, to the frontiers of research.

Givant has been involved first-hand in the development of the field of relation algebras since the 1970s. His previous books include Duality Theories for Boolean Algebras with Operators (Springer, 2014), Introduction to Boolean Algebras, with Paul Halmos (Springer, 2009), Logic as Algebra, with Paul Halmos (MAA, 1998), and A Formalization of Set Theory without Variables, with Alfred Tarski (AMS, 1987). He was also coeditor, with Ralph McKenzie, of Alfred Tarski's Collected Papers: Vol 1-4 (Birkhäuser, 1986).

During his long career, Givant has been a favorite of Mills students, winning the Outstanding Teaching Award in 2013. He is passionate about educating women in the STEM fields, including participating in the film The Math-Science Connection: Educating Young Women for Today.