Mills President Elizabeth L. Hillman Talks Strategic Realignment and Future of Women’s Colleges

Oakland, CA—March 22, 2018

President HillmanIn an article titled, “Mills College president talks strategy, higher ed costs” President Elizabeth L. Hillman discusses strategic realignment and the future of women’s colleges with Education Dive.

During a recent visit to the Education Dive offices, President Hillman shared her opinion on higher ed, lamenting the fact that the industry as a whole has not done the best job of communicating the costs of higher education in an effort to make it more accessible to everyone.

By working with partners, including other neighboring institutions, and identifying individuals in the Oakland area who need an education but aren’t receiving one, Hillman explained how Mills is seeking to “transform the way we communicate our value to our students."

While Mills' biggest institutional partner is the University of California at Berkeley, it’s unlikely the College will go co-ed. Citing that statistics show there is not much of an enrollment gain for women's colleges that open their doors to men, President Hillman proudly stated that Mills is dedicated to serving women for a long time. In fact, she said, "getting a chance to talk to generations of women [at reunions and other big gatherings which bring alumnae back] is one of the best parts of the job."