Mills Alumna and Multimedia Artist Uses Her Art for Sociopolitical Inquiry

Oakland, CA—May 1, 2018

Johanna Poethig artRecently featured in Oakland magazine for her revolutionary works of art, Mills Alumna Johanna Brown Poethig’s, MFA ‘92 creations are all around us. As a multimedia artist, teacher, collaborator, and agent of sociopolitical inquiry, Poethig displays her work in different locations around the globe, including parks, library building exteriors, a market in Tblisi, Georgia, and on the tops of taxicabs in San Francisco.

For Poethig, there seems to be no boundaries as she uses walls and other platforms to tell stories of social inequity, feminism, and the beauty of place.

“I’m inspired by individual, cultural, and collective art movements that help our society evolve through creative exchanges and suspension of hierarchies so that we can enjoy our time together on earth imagining, making, and participating in art that expands our thinking and links us across time and place,” she said. Poethig added that she is humbled by the bravery of artists who are in real immediate danger yet continue to do their work.

Through the creation of public art, Poethig hopes to inspire viewers to take interest in form and allow for an everyday attachment to a landmark to become part of life and memory with curiosity, amusement, and pleasure.