Judge Authorizes Mills to Continue Talks with Northeastern University

Oakland, CA—August 16, 2021
A Statement from Mills President Elizabeth L. Hillman

We are pleased that today’s ruling by Alameda County Superior Court Judge Stephen M. Pulido affirms the ability of Mills College and Northeastern University to continue their negotiations in furtherance of a mutually beneficial alliance and that it clears the way for the Mills Board of Trustees to consider and vote on a final affiliation proposal on Friday, September 3, 2021. The continued pursuit of this association is vital to advancing the mission of Mills and to ensuring opportunities for our students, our faculty and staff, our alumnae, and the broader Oakland community.

We will comply with the court’s decision to provide the plaintiff with the documents requested. As our court documents have stated, she has had the opportunity to gain access to them since July 14 but has not done so. 

We hold firm to our assertion that, as a member of the College’s 23-member Board of Trustees, the plaintiff has had ongoing access to all information necessary to support and inform her fiduciary duties. The documents at issue do not contradict or alter information that has already been made available to the Board, presented to the broader Mills community, or made publicly available on the College’s website. Rather, the documents underscore the immediate need for a permanent solution to the tenuous financial situation that confronts Mills and the necessity for a successful alliance with a financially stronger academic institution.