Architect Julia Morgan’s Groundbreaking Work at Mills College Featured on KQED Radio’s Forum

Oakland, CA–August 01, 2016

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Forum host Dave Iverson speaks with Historian Karen McNeill and Architect and Attorney Julia Donoho about the work of Architect Julia Morgan’s legacy in the Bay Area, including her groundbreaking work designing El Campanil, a 72-foot, Mission-style clock tower at Mills College.

The conversation reveals how Morgan, who became the first woman licensed to practice architecture in California, overcame gender bias with construction crews and fought to incorporate reinforced concrete in the design, which was a new technology at the time. Her design was tested in the 1906 earthquake, and El Campanil survived without a crack.

One of California’s most respected architects, Morgan completed over 700 projects and worked on other Mills College buildings from 1904 to 1925.