How Mills Alumna Daniella Pineda Went from Mills College to Jurassic World

Oakland, CA—June 20, 2018

Daniella Pineda

Photo: Emily Berl

Mills alumna Daniella Pineda performed theatre as a kid but as an adult, acting wasn’t on her radar.

It didn't seem realistic." Pineda recently told the Hollywood Reporter.

The Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom actress majored in sociology and radio journalism at Mills College, and initially planned a career in radio.

"I love NPR, and I thought working somewhere like that would be so intellectually stimulating," Pineda said.

She was on the path to her dream career in radio when her series of satirical YouTube videos that she starred in caught the attention of Hollywood manager Kirsten Ames and before she knew it, her acting career had been launched.

"A lot of people underestimate actors—that's what I certainly did before becoming a part of the business," says Pineda.

Learn more about her early career and who inspires her in this video.