Mills Alumna Releases Fifth Full-Length Electronic Music Album

Oakland, CA—April 24, 2018

Sarah Davachi fifth albumCanadian minimalist Sarah Davachi MFA ’12 has recently released Let Night Come on Bells End the Day, her fifth full-length album release in six years.

Davachi, who studied electronic music at Mills, is known for centering herself in meditative, durational drones. Releasing her first album in 2013, Davachi uses tone and texture to sensually recreate pivotal moments in her life.

In a recent review by Pitchfork, a trusted voice in the music industry, Davachi’s artistry was described as “Like Henri Matisse, whose paintings turn still life into inner life by prioritizing color above all other elements, Davachi drills down into a single instrument at a time, cracking open a vast spectrum of harmonic variation to reveal new expressive possibilities.”

Using Mellotron and electric organ, the newly released Let Night Come on Bells End the Day showcases Baroque music and post-rock while focusing in on the idea of the drone as a meditative experience. Inspired by minimalist pioneer La Monte Young, whose practice had a transformative effect on Davachi as a music student, Davachi has an innate understanding of drone music as a phenomenological, time-bending experience. Let Night Come on Bells End the Day is loyal to that momentary perception of the sublime.