Two Mills Alums Share their DACA Story on KQED’s California Report

Oakland, CA—February 6, 2018

While the fate of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals hangs in the balance, hear how it affects two DACA recipients and Mills alums.

Janeth Medina ’13 is a vice president in national strategy at Bank of the West. In a recent interview on KQED’s The California Report, Medina says that when she contemplates the possibility of losing DACA if Congress and President Trump are unable to reach a deal, she reminds herself of an old Mexican proverb.

“They tried to bury us, but they didn’t know we were seeds,” says Medina. “That’s so powerful ’cause it’s true. You want to attack my humanity? I’m going to keep on being human, and I’m going to keep giving back, keep loving. I’ll just continue to move forward, whatever that looks like.”

Claudia Hernandez '13 who is a project manager at Facebook became a permanent resident years ago. She’s calling members of Congress every single week for the next six months to ask for something permanent. Both women worked hard to land scholarships, graduate, and launch successful careers, now they want to give others the kind of support they received.

“I’m a product of all that help,” Hernandez says. “That’s why I want to give back now, because I know so many people need it.”