Mills Faculty Support Merger with Northeastern University

Oakland, CA—September 1, 2021

The Faculty Executive Committee of Mills College polled voting members of the Mills faculty today to determine their position on the future of Mills. 86% of these faculty agree that the proposed merger with Northeastern University is the best available option for the College given its financial circumstances. The statement below reflects the results of the poll.

A Statement from the Faculty Executive Committee of Mills College

Recognizing that there are diverse opinions amongst the faculty about the direction of the College, the Faculty Executive Committee conducted a poll of voting members of the faculty. The results of the poll, concluded today, indicate that at least 80% of the 81 participating faculty are in favor of the following three statements:

We, the faculty of Mills College, thank the alumnae and friends of the college for their expressions of support following the closure announcement of March 17. We are inspired by their commitment to the College and what it stands for.
Yes: 64 No: 2 Abstain: 14

Given the College’s dire financial circumstances, at this time, the proposed merger into Northeastern University is the best available option to avoid closing the College altogether.
Yes: 70 No: 9 Abstain: 2

Further delays in achieving a merger agreement are likely to weaken our ability to preserve and enhance the best of Mills College.
Yes: 70 No: 8 Abstain: 3

The Faculty Executive Committee will continue to advocate for faculty interests in all of our interactions with the Mills administration and other stakeholders, and to insist that transparency and collaboration will produce the best outcomes.

Mark Henderson, Ph.D.
James Irvine Professor of Public Policy
Chair, Faculty Executive Committee, 2021-22

Faculty Executive Committee
Meryl Bailey, Educational Policy Subcommittee chair
David Bernstein, Arts & Technology Division
Tomás Galguera, School of Education Division
Jay Gupta, At-Large
Martha Johnson, Lokey School Division
Kim Magowan, NTT At-Large
Lisa Urry, Convenor, Natural & Health Sciences Division

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