Mills’ Groundbreaking Admissions Policy Featured on ABC7 KGO News

Oakland, CA—February 06, 2017

Saly Entislia made her way to California when another out of state college turned her down. Thanks to Mills’ groundbreaking admissions policy, she finally found a home at Mills College.

Today, Saly is a strong advocate of transgender rights and is politically active in the fight for equal access to public restrooms.

"I feel like I'm part of a sense of a movement where we're basically trying to show what's going on, that people are trying to ignore or deny," she said.

The KGO news story notes, “Mills drafted a policy in 2014 that officially opened admission to students who self-identify as female, a move that's since been followed by other major women's colleges across the country.”

"This is not a single step where you make a big announcement and you're done with creating an inclusive community,” says Mills College President Elizabeth L. Hillman. “It requires continual acts every day to recognize the difference of others and help people understand it."

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