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Mills College Leads Local Competitors in Providing Upward Income Mobility

Oakland, CA—January 23, 2017

Mills College leads its top 10 competitors in Northern California in how well it improves student income mobility after graduation, according to an interactive New York Times story that uses data from a new study.

The story, in which readers can search data on the college name of their choice, shows “the mobility rate” which combines a college’s share of students from lower-income families with its success at propelling them into the upper part of income distribution. It also includes “the success rate” or the percent of lower income students who ended up in the top 40 percent.

The Mills College mobility rate for low-income students, at 17.1 percent, is the highest of its top 10 competitors in Northern California, according to the Times story. Moreover, the story shows that the Mills College success rate of moving students to higher income brackets, at 67.3, is among the highest of its competitors.

/>Additionally, the data also shows that 33 percent of Mills students came from families with income in the bottom 60 percent where they earn less than $65,000 a year. Just 2.4 percent of Mills students came from the top 1 percent of families earning over $630,000 a year.

“Mills College is pleased this data supports our core mission to empower students from diverse backgrounds to succeed,” said Mills President Elizabeth Hillman.

The Times story is based on a new study called the Equality of Opportunity Project, which looks at how well or how poorly colleges have built an economically diverse student body. Researchers tracked about 30 million students born between 1980 and 1991, linking anonymized tax returns to attendance records from nearly every college in the country.

The Times noted that 38 institutions nationwide have more students from top the 1 percent income level than they have from the entire bottom 60 percent.

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