Mills Students Make a Statement at San Francisco’s Rally for Reproductive Justice

Oakland, CA—February 21, 2018

Among the dozens of counter-protesters at last month’s Walk for Life in San Francisco were several undergraduate students from Mills College, reports the Socialist Worker. Molly Hafer, Class of 2021, told the Socialist Worker, "It's completely unfair for the Walk for Life to make our choice [for us], because it's not their choice. It's our choice, our right, and they can't take it away from us." The Walk for Life drew thousands of supporters to Market Street. Although they were vastly outnumbered, pro-choice supporters decided to hold a counter-protest this year. Mills student Grace Patterson noted, "People need to see that we support them and this issue. This movement has backing."

The Mills students met at San Francisco’s Women's March and decided to join the Rally for Reproductive Justice, said the Socialist Worker. Over a dozen organizations endorsed the rally, including the University of California Student-Workers Union/UAW Local 2865, United Educators of San Francisco, International Socialist Organization, La Voz de los Trabajadores, several Bay Area chapters of the Democratic Socialists of America, CODEPINK San Francisco, Refuse Fascism Bay Area, the Left Party, and the Women's March San Francisco.