Hollywood Legend Olivia de Havilland Sends a Shout Out to Mills in People Magazine

Oakland, CA–July 01, 2016

Hollywood legend Olivia de Havilland celebrates her 100th birthday today. In next week's issue of People magazine, the two-time Oscar winner opens up about her life, career and romances, saying she is "content with the role that life has given me—a centenarian!" 

Asked if there's any advice she'd give to her younger self, she replies, "Take a long leave of absence from the Warner contract and go to Mills College, where the scholarship I had won in 1934 is still waiting for me!"

Credited as a pioneer who took on the studio system and won, the de Havilland Decision of 1944 makes it clear that California law limits to seven years the time an employer can enforce a contract with an employee.