President Hillman to Speak at San Mateo County Veteran’s Summit, “Women of the Military”

Oakland, CA—May 15, 2018

President Elizabeth L. Hillman will speak at the San Mateo County Veteran’s Summit on May 16. The Summit, entitled “Women of the Military,” seeks to place a spotlight on gender specific issues women may face in their military service; to educate the SMC community on gender specific programs for women who served, and share information on challenges that women may face upon discharge and services available to them.

In a recent San Mateo Daily Journal article, President Hillman notes that the summit can help inform national conversations on gender dynamics and resources available to veterans of all sexual orientations.

Encouraged by the effort to hold an event focused on the experiences of women in the military and the wide array of issues they face as they transition out of their service, Hillman said one of the striking statistics is the gap in pay between women veterans and their male counterparts.

“The challenges of providing good service to women in the military and as veterans very much reflect some the challenges of women more generally in the civilian workforce,” she said.

The San Mateo County Veterans Summit will be held 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. May 16 at Foster City’s Crowne Plaza, 1221 Chess Drive. Visit to register or for more information.