San Francisco Magazine Publishes Positive Feedback to Mills College Article

Oakland, CA–April 29, 2016

San Francisco Magazine has shared public reaction to an article on Mills that ran in its April issue and has published accurate data countering the author’s contention that the school’s endowment “has been notably underperforming compared with its peers in recent years.”

Mills Alumna Orli Van Mourik ’00 was one former student who reacted to the April article, by Associate Editor Andrea Powell, that inaccurately and unfairly represented Mills’ financial challenges.

“Mills was bar none one of the best experiences of my life,” Van Mourik was quoted in the magazine as saying.

San Francisco Magazine editors noted in the Feedback column that “the college’s administration did not agree with much of the story, from Powell’s conclusion about the health of the school’s endowment down to the headline.”

In addition to quoting former students who contacted the magazine about its April article, editors also quoted portions of an open letter to the editor that DeCoudreaux and Mills Board of Trustees Chair Kathleen Burke wrote, calling into question the accuracy and assumptions contained in the article.

“While these types of cheeky sound bites may make for good copy, they lead to very real angst for the school’s students, alumnae, parents, faculty and leadership,” the letter said, in part.