Mills Professor Directs Beguiling World Premiere

Oakland, CA—December 4, 2017

Sheldon Smith Mills Dance Professor Sheldon Smith’s world premiere of Six Degrees of Freedom was recently reviewed in the San Francisco Chronicle. Based on the premise that a computer created the evening-length dance drama, the piece is described as gracefully haunting, natteringly absurd, lighthearted, and downright funny.

The review noted that, “Lighthearted is not to say lightweight. In both its critique and appropriation of technology, “Six Degrees” imparted an insinuating wit and satirical insight.”

Sheldon B. Smith is the co-artistic director (with Lisa Wymore) of Smith/Wymore Disappearing Acts, an award winning dance/theater/multimedia company based in Berkeley, CA. He has been making dances, music and video art for over 25 years in both in the Midwest and California.

Smith has been at Mills College since 2009 teaching various composition, music, technology and theory related courses. He has a BA in Dance from Colorado College and an MFA from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign.