Culture Industry Exhibition at Slide Space 123 Featured on KQED Arts

Oakland, CA—November 28, 2017

Culture Industry, a group exhibition on view at Slide Space 123, an experimental gallery at Mills College, was recently featured on KQED Arts.

Presenting the work of four artists, the exhibition addresses issues of consumerism and the cycle of manipulation, that creates a “culture industry.” Installations by Shana Moulton, Sara Cwynar, Tabita Rezaire, and Débora Delmar garnered high praise from KQED Arts reporter Roula Seikaly.  

”The women matriculated at Mills College represent a generation that has never known life without the internet and what it serves up, good and bad. One hopes that the humor, irony, and razor-sharp critique embodied in Culture Industry strikes a chord the same way Sailor J’s fierce takedown of beauty expectations did for me, and that women (and men) will use technology to question and continue to neutralize consumerism’s corrosive effects.”

Collectively, the works in this exhibition present a powerful picture of the mechanisms through which this industry continues to assert its influence. Culture Industry is on view at Mills College gallery, Slide Space 123, through Nov. 29, 2017.