Mills College Trustees Oppose AAMC Lawsuit

Oakland, CA—August 9, 2021
Message from Trustees who are Alumnae of Mills College

Updated 8.9.21, 7:30 PM

We, the 14 alumnae of Mills College listed below, are active members of the Board of Trustees. We object to the claim made by the officers of the Alumnae Association of Mills College (AAMC) that their organization represents all 26,000 graduates of the College. We believe that the lawsuit brought by the AAMC against the College is ill considered, divisive, and detrimental to the future of Mills. Public statements by representatives of the AAMC are misleading and heedless, and are putting at great risk the futures of current students, faculty, and staff. In our considered opinion, the best hope for continuing the legacy and values of Mills College is an alliance with Northeastern University, now, unfortunately interrupted because of the AAMC’s irresponsible actions. Our commitment to gender and racial justice, to quality education, and access to college for historically underrepresented groups is unwavering. The best, and perhaps only, chance we have to extend our legacy and create change in the world is to survive in a different, sustainable form. While we expect Mills alumnae to have strong and diverse views, we are appalled at the disregard the AAMC leadership is showing to our students, faculty, and staff and find the claims of a few vocal individuals to be harmful to the overall alumnae body and our community more broadly. We are, and have been, putting the interests of the College (the people, the campus, the educational mission, and the commitment to Oakland) first in our deliberations and will continue to do so. We call on alumnae who want the College’s legacy to continue and the community to be supported to look at the facts, stand with us, and require the AAMC leaders to return their focus to Mills’ values and future.

Muirhead, Mrs. Helen Drake, '58, Honorary Trustee
Moses, Ms. Alexandra Orgel, '64, JD, LLM, Trustee Emerita
Flanigan, Ms. Lyn '65, MA, JD, Trustee
Schuster, Dr. Marilyn R. '65, MPhil, PhD, Trustee
O’Brien, Ms. Anne Jarvis '67, MBA, JD, Trustee
Kwong, Mei '70, MBA, Honorary Trustee
Foster, Dr. Adrienne '74, MA, PhD, Alumna Trustee
Wood, Ms. Deborah '75, JD, Alumna Trustee
Decker, Ms. Leslie '79, Trustee
Sanborn, Ms. Kathleen '83, MS, Chair of the Board of Trustees
Parker, Ms. Elizabeth '85, MA, Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees
May, Dr. Karen '86, MA, PhD., Trustee and former president of the AAMC
Wolfe, Ms. Kirsten '88, Trustee
Wiley, Ms. Carmen A. '19, Recent Graduate Trustee