Mills College Biennial Pow Wow

The Mills College Pow Wow is a gathering that celebrates Indigenous community, culture and resistance. This gathering open to everyone. The Mills College Pow Wow is a longstanding community event supported by the Bay Area’s Native community and is a part of the commitment by Indigenous students, including our co-sponsors, the Indigenous Women’s Alliance, to support our urban Indigenous communities.

The Mills College Pow Wow takes place every other year. The most recent Pow Wow was held on:

Sunday, April 5, 2020
The Oval, Mills College Campus
5000 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland, CA 94613

As a part of this focus, our pow wow featured The Indigenous Red Market, a new enterprise here in Oakland, California. The Indigenous Red Market brings together Indigenous artists, entrepreneurs, and vendors every first Sunday of the month in Oakland. They are dedicated to informing our communities about issues important to the local and global Indigenous communities, and their market features key opportunities for community empowerment and involvement. The Indigenous Red Market is a unique Native American event that incorporates: entrepreneurship, healthy Indigenous foods, and cultural entertainment that features a range of talents. We welcome them and will feature at our Mills College Pow Wow 2020 this necessary community education component, with speakers on key Indigenous issues, and community event announcements.

2020 marked the eighth anniversary of the Mills College Pow Wow being led and organized by the Indigenous Women's Alliance and Ethnic Studies. Students, faculty and staff are dedicated to continuing Indigenous culture and traditions at Mills and in the larger Indigenous communities.

At the center of this event are songs and dances of Indigenous peoples throughout North America. Contest prizes are offered for northern and southern traditional and fancy/jingle dances. Indigenous jewelry and textiles from community vendors will be available, along with Native foods. We invite you to come and support our Native communities and join us in this family-friendly celebration. All Drums Welcome.

Contact Information
Natalee Kehaulani Bauer,, 510.430.2080

Please bring your own seating. Parking for Elders will be available.

Co-sponsored by Mills College Indigenous Women's Alliance, Ethnic Studies, and the Associated Students of Mills College.