Follow Your Curiosity.

Our student clubs represent the interests and passions of our students. Some are social or political. Some celebrate shared identities, an academic subject, or a career path. Others center around hobbies or entertainment. If you don’t find a club that speaks to you, you can blaze a trail and start your own.

By participating in one or more of the diverse clubs at Mills, you can gain leadership experience, create coalitions working toward a common goal, or simply have a good time. You can use your voice to be part of the campus dialogue and learn how to effect change.

Sample Clubs

Asian Pacific Islander Student Alliance
Black Student Collective
Book Art Club
Community Health Resource Center
El Club de Español
Feminist Democrats
Fencing Club
Gender Splendor
Health Equity & Leadership
Hip Hop Dance Club
Jewish Student Collective
Latinx Student Collective
Math Club
Mills Aeronautics & Space Administration
Mouthing Off!
Nerd Club
Poetry Club
Speech & Debate