Your Voice Matters.

How does the Mills community ensure that every student’s voice is heard? The Associated Students of Mills College (ASMC), whose membership is open to undergraduate and graduate students alike, plays a big role. The mission of the ASMC is to challenge its members to further their student leadership development and become catalysts for academic and social change.

What Does the ASMC Do?

The ASMC enhances the supportive nature of the Mills community and builds connections between students, faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees. It funds clubs run by undergraduate students, campus-wide events, and student initiatives. Students serve as elected or appointed officers of ASMC and function as the official voice of the student body to the Mills administration. ASMC officers carry the voices of those they represent to collaboratively address student concerns and ensure all decisions are made with input from all students.

Ways to Serve

Elections are held every fall for full board senator positions and every spring for senator and executive board positions. Positions are open to all Mills students.

Executive Board

The ASMC Executive Board consists of nine elected and appointed officials who lead the senate and its committees, hold biweekly meetings, and work closely with the Mills College President and the administration.


There are spots for more than 20 senators on the ASMC, each of whom serve on a senate committee and meet biweekly with the committee and the executive board to discuss matters that are important to the Mills community.