Build Skills to Help You Learn for Life.

The LAB (the Office of Learning, Advising, and Balance) at Mills is a dynamic hub for supporting academic success. As a student, you'll work one-on-one with an academic advisor to customize your educational path. You'll also have the opportunity to take advantage of support services and programs that will help you with writing, subject-specific tutoring, and workshops focused on enhancing your academic skills. The LAB offers a welcoming environment that supports students with diverse learning preferences, abilities, backgrounds, and experiences. Our goal is to remove barriers to your learning and help you succeed both in college and as a lifelong learner.


Academic advising at Mills is a collaborative, student-centered process that recognizes advising as an extension of teaching. During your first semester, you’ll be assigned a faculty advisor who will get to know your interests, goals, and dreams in a supportive atmosphere. Your advisor will answer questions about Mills and offer guidance about choosing courses and creating your unique academic plan. At every stage of your college journey, your advisor will provide the information, assistance, and encouragement you need to explore new possibilities, prepare for professional success, and realize your full potential.

Writing Support

The LAB offers one-on-one support for any type of writing at any stage during the writing process. Staffed by graduate student fellows from our renowned Literatures & Languages Department and specially trained undergraduate tutors, the LAB provides a comfortable, peer-based approach in a relaxed environment that will help you hone your written communication skills.

Subject Tutoring

If you'd like to get assistance from a fellow student on a difficult subject or just some advice on how others have successfully managed to get the most out of their studies, you can sign up to work with a peer tutor for a few hours per week. You can also earn money by becoming a peer tutor yourself if you have a faculty recommendation and meet the appropriate qualifications of the program. It's a great way to connect with and give back to your fellow students.

Multilingual Services

Mills is proud to welcome students from all countries and strives to support multilingual students with extra help in English. The Multilingual Services Team (MLS) is staffed by student supporters who can help you practice for a presentation, work on a scholarship application, manage reading assignments, discuss professor expectations, or hold study groups. Our goal is to provide a service that meets your specific need.


At Mills, you'll have access to an electronic portfolio (ePortfolio), a digital tool that allows you to collect and share your academic accomplishments online. Your ePortfolio is a multimedia showcase of your course work that enables you to reflect on your learning experiences and promote yourself to potential employers.The LAB will assist you with building your ePortfolio and getting the most out of this dynamic learning platform.