Board of Trustees

Ammie Felder-Williams '76

Realtor, Business Owner

New Rochelle, New York


BA, Mills College, 1976, Anthropology/Sociology
MS, Columbia University, 1983, Journalism
MBA coursework, Columbia University, 1979–1983

Professional Work

Self-employed Business Professional and Community Leader (civic affairs, fundraising, education, family services, and event planning)
Owner, Downsizing Diva, 2015–Present
Real Estate Sales and Consulting, 1992–Present

Volunteer Activities

Advisory Board Member, Lois Bronz Children's Center, 2017–Present
Board Member, Lois Bronz Children’s Center, 2016–2017
Young Achievers, Mentoring Program, 2014–Present
Mayoral Appointee, Historical Landmarks and Review Board, 2012–2015
District Council Member, Election Campaigns
President, Big Brothers, Big Sisters Advisory Board, 2000–2007

Mills College Volunteer Activities

Alumna Trustee, Mills College Board of Trustees, 2017–Present
Member, AAMC Board of Governors, 2017–Present
’76 Class Secretary, 2010–Present
Member, Mills College Club of New York, 2010–Present
Admissions Area Representative
Class Reunions 2011, 2016
Founder and Organizer, Sisters of the Seventies, 2011
Scholarship Benefit Fundraising