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Past Presidents

Founded in 1852 as the Young Ladies' Seminary in Benicia, California, Mills College boasts a rich history as a leader in women's education. Mills was founded two years after California was admitted to statehood and the same year the city of Oakland was established. The University of California and Stanford had yet to exist, and miners, farmers, and merchants wanted to educate their daughters without sending them on the perilous journey to East Coast schools.

A group of residents decided on an innovative solution by establishing the Young Ladies' Seminary in their own town. For two and a half years, the institutions' trustees managed the school until 1855, when management passed to Oberlin graduate Mary Atkins. Under Atkins' leadership, the school gained a strong reputation. Inspired by a vision of equal education and opportunity for women, missionaries Cyrus and Susan Mills bought the Seminary in 1865, renamed it Mills College, and moved the campus in 1871 to our current home in Oakland, California.

The Presidents of Mills College

Marty Atkins

Mary Atkins Principal, Young Ladies' Seminary

Cyrus Taggart Mills

1. Cyrus Taggart Mills

Homer Baxter Sprague

2. Homer Baxter Sprague

Charles Carroll Stratton

3. Charles Carroll Stratton

Susan Tolman Mills

4. Susan Tolman Mills

Charles Carroll Stratton

5. Luella Clay Carson

Aurelia Henry Reinhardt

6. Aurelia Henry Reinhardt

Lynn Townsent White Jr.

7. Lynn Townsend White Jr.

C. Easton Rothwell

8. C. Easton Rothwell

Robert Joseph Wert

9. Robert Joseph Wert

Barbara McClure White

10. Barbara McClure White

Mary S. Metz

11. Mary S. Metz

Janet L. Holmgren

12. Janet L. Holmgren

Alecia A. DeCoudreaux

13. Alecia A. DeCoudreaux