Work with the Best.

At the heart of a Mills education is the collaboration between talented students and exceptional faculty. As a student here, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from and be mentored by faculty on projects in and out of the classroom—from studying California ground squirrels to presenting at national literary conferences. Here are just a few stories of recent student and faculty collaborations that make a Mills education life-changing.

Mills Professor of Psychology Christie Chung works with students in the Cognition Lab.
Nogales Student Faculty Collaboration

Student teaching assistants (TAs) help biology Professor Lisa Urry lead a class visit to the Nogales border to explore migrant experiences first hand. Empowered by Professor Urry to take a leadership role throughout the course, the student TAs collaborated on the curriculum, designed new course projects, and mentored the other student participants. Read the story.

biology professor at wildflower display table

Undergraduate students join biology Professor Sarah Swope in her work to save rare and critically endangered Marin County wildflowers. Students working on this project are gaining skills that will make them highly employable and effective in conservation research. Students also have the remarkable opportunity to be coauthors in a peer-reviewed scientific paper (or even make the nightly news)! Read the story.


Biology Professor Jenn Smith and a team of student researchers test modern theories of evolution through a long-term study of California ground squirrels. Members of Team Squirrel learn field research techniques as well as laboratory methods for analyzing genetic traits, stress hormones, disease transmission, and more. The experience inspires Smith’s students to become the next generation of women scientists, veterinarians, and doctors. Read the story.

photographing art piece
Digitizing an Art Collection

Museum Director Stephanie Hanor needed to digitize more than 10,000+ works from the Mills College Art Museum’s collection, so she saw an opportunity to turn this project into a unique hands-on learning experience. She trains students on how to handle priceless artwork across all genres, and they gain marketable skills in archival practices that has led to internships and work in the field after graduation.

academic presentation to large audience
Taking the Stage

Mills literature Professor (and alumna) Kirsten Saxton guides her students of 18th-century literature through situations in which their own ideas are tested and refined at scholarly symposia. Over the past decade, students have participated in several national conferences, coached by Saxton on presentation skills, engaging their audience, and defending their point of view. Students find their voice on a national stage, and most say it changes their lives.

psychology professor presenting research
Coauthoring Scientific Journal Articles

Psychology Professor Christie Chung works with her undergrad student research assistants in the Mills Cognition Lab designing behavioral experiments to examine the underlying cognitive mechanisms that constitute age-related changes in memory. Chung has coauthored several articles with her students based on this work, providing one-of-a-kind experiences for their future scientific endeavors.