• Hometown: Antioch, California
  • Looking Forward To: Organizing a community project in Oakland
  • Future Goal: Earn an MBA through the Mills accelerated degree program

When it came time for Asia to start her college search, her older sister had one piece of advice—check out Mills. After Asia attended an overnight campus visit event, she knew why her sister (a Mills alumna and successful video game producer) thought the inclusive and supportive community would be a good fit for her. In her first year of college, Asia has explored her academic passions while making new friends.

What is your major? I’m double majoring in economics and data science. I love economics because it allows me to assess the impact of different economic scenarios from multiple perspectives, which is essential to seeing the bigger picture. Data science is a new major at Mills, and I’m looking forward to it because the subject can be applied to so many different disciplines.

How did you find out about Mills? My sister graduated from here and had a great experience. When the time came for me to visit colleges and fill out applications, she recommended that I look into Mills. Once I attended the overnight visit program and experienced the College, I knew it was the right choice for me.

What activities have helped you feel at home? It was easy for me to feel connected to the Mills community thanks to events like Orientation, poetry slams, and midnight breakfast. They provided a great atmosphere to spend time with friends and also make new ones.

How would you describe Mills students? My fellow students are driven and promising. They are serious about using their education to better both their lives and the lives of others. There is a sense of support that you can feel once you step onto the Mills campus, and that is one of the many reasons why I love it here.

How do you hope to use your education to create positive change for others? I would like to use my education to inspire other students of color to attend college and bring more diversity to new fields.