• Hometown: Daly City, California
  • Transferred From: Skyline College
  • Favorite Class: Race, Sexuality, and the State; The Bible as Literature; Sociology of Oakland
  • Future Goal: Master’s degree in education or public policy

Charity was looking for a college that would help her focus on her goals. She needed a school with strong programs in child development, creative writing, and psychology—which pointed her to Mills. Once she chose psychology as her major, Charity’s other interests fell in line.

How did you learn about Mills? The president of my community college is an alumna and introduced me to Mills. I was looking for a college strong in creative writing, psychology, and child development. These were the three paths I was considering when I transferred, and Mills has excellent programs in these areas.

How did you choose your major? I finally decided on psychology because I wanted to use creative writing as therapy for children, and the first requirement for this sort of training is a psychology degree. Now I am a psychology major on the research track. I am also looking into an internship at a governmental, educational, or community organization before I continue on to graduate school to earn a master’s in education or public policy.

How has Mills differed from your expectations? Mills has surpassed any and all expectations I had of what college should be. Small classes are great, but I was unprepared for how much the professors care. Professors come to Mills because they love teaching and interacting with students, and it shows. I lucked into this amazing experience and am reaping the benefits of my decision!

Whom do you admire at Mills and why? I admire all students in leadership and supporting roles on the Mills campus. There are some driven women here, and they have inspired me to work hard and to be bold in my actions. So many individuals are dedicated to the success of Mills that it makes the entire environment one filled with purpose and meaning.