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Mills College has a longstanding commitment to preparing women for leadership in science and has built a vigorous scientific community that fosters student learning, hands-on research, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Although the number of American women pursuing careers in science has increased modestly over the last two decades, the National Science Foundation reports that only 28 percent of the workforce in science and engineering fields in 2015 were female. Mills is committed to encouraging more women to pursue scientific study and creating opportunities for them to find inspiration and mentorship from established leaders.

Russell Women in Science Lecture Series

The Russell Women in Science Lecture Series at Mills College is an annual event featuring leading female scientists from around the country speaking on topics of global impact. These lectures introduce students and the general public to key scientific issues while highlighting the career opportunities available to young women in the sciences. Mills students have the opportunity to spend one-on-one time learning from inspiring role models before and after the public lectures.

The Russell Women in Science Lecture Series is generously funded by Mills College alumna Cristine Russell '71.

Neuroscience, Technology, and Collaboration: A Personal View
Dr. Cori Bargmann
Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Neuroscience, Technology, and Collaboration: A Personal View by Dr. Cori Bargmann, April 10, 2019. Dr. Cori Bargmann shared her personal perspective as a leader in the field of neuroscience and discussed her role as the first Head of Science at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. Bargmann spoke to why she believes that collaboration, risk taking, and staying close to the scientific community are the best opportunities to accelerate progress in science.  Read Dr. Bargmann's bio and view the full lecture video

Past Russell Women in Science Guest Speakers

Shirley Malcolm
Dr. Shirley Malcom
STEM Leader
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Topic: The Double Bind: Women of Color in Science, 40 Years and Counting
Inez Fung
Dr. Inez Fung
Climate Scientist
University of California, Berkeley
Topic: Plants, Waters, and Climate Afforestation
Meg Urry
Dr. Meg Urry
Yale University
Topic: Black Holes, Galaxies, and the Evolution of the Universe
Marcia McNutt
Dr. Marcia McNutt
National Academy of Sciences
Topic: Global Lessons in Earthquake Preparedness
Rita Colwell
Dr. Rita Colwell
University of Maryland
Topic: A Changing Climate in Human Health
Cori Bargmann
Dr. Cori Bargmann

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Topic: Neuroscience, Technology, and Collaboration: A Personal View